Gokulastami was celebrated by students and teachers in our school. The kindergarten students, Classes I & II dressed up like Krishna’s and Gopika’s. The students showcased a wonderful speech, colorful dance and song in the glory of Lord Krishna. It was very beautiful watching the tiny tots dancing.
Ganesh Chathurthi was celebrated by the students & teachers. Palanquin of Ganesha was taken to the temple by X & XII Standard Students. Students sang bhajans in praise of Lord Ganesh. They learned the importance of our culture and why festivals are celebrated in India.
Rig Veda House celebrated Onam during September. Students performed a dance drama depicting the reason for celebrating Onam festival and enacted the story of Mahabali. It was indeed a wonderful performance to witness.
Kinder Garden students celebrated Navarathiri on 17th October 2018. Children showcased a very cute dance program, a speech on the importance of celebrating Navarathiri followed by a song by the students of LKG. Saraswathi Pooja & Vijayadasami was celebrated on 18th & 19th of October respectively.