On the occasion of PUJYA GURUJI SWAMI TEJOMAYANANDAJI’S BIRTHDAY, Chinmaya mission along with three Chinmaya Vidyalayas of Coimbatore organized “Bhajan Sandhya” a cultural programme, a tribute to Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji at Chinmaya Kirti Auditorium. The function was started by welcoming the dignitaries, Swamini Sampratishtananda amma, Br. Divya ChaitanyaJi, Br. Vignesh ChaitanyaJi, Smt. Meera Jackson, Principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation Hr.Sec. School, Smt. Jayalakshmi, Principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation, R.S.Puram, Smt. Radha Srikanth, Principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, CBSE, Chinmaya mission members and devotees, parents, students and teachers. A 3D show—Dance, Drama and Debate was presented by our Chinmayans of all the three schools of Coimbatore, to show case the truth of life, its importance and our responsibility to safeguard the truth behind our epic through a light and sound show – SHREE RAMA, THE UTTAMA PURUSHAN. All the children, parents, teachers and other members of Chinmaya family were spell bound and happy from the function. They all blessed to have lot more opportunities to bring up the skills and moral values through children to showcase in future endeavors.
The students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya CBSE Sr. Sec. School, Vadavalli, celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2019, with great zeal and enthusiasm in their campus ground. A special assembly was organised to commemorate this occasion. All the students were part of this assembly programme. The programme began with a prayer song followed by students displaying a formation of ‘World Yoga Day’ through various asana. The students gave speeches about the origin of yoga, its significance, and the importance of the celebration of this day. The yoga instructor of the school Mrs. Shanti enumerated on this occasions the benefits of various asana in yoga for the children, simultaneously demonstrations of those asana by the students. The students as a mass yoga displayed various standing, sitting and lying asana like Bandha Sarvangasana, Adho Mukha Savaasana, Balasana, Sukhasana, Virabhadrasana, Sooryanamaskram etc . The students also performed pranayam and meditatation. Regular yoga classes as per the curriculum for all the students and everyday practice helped the students to understand the importance of yoga as a habitual practice, how regular practice of yoga can help a child to overcome stress, stiffness, anxiety improve concentration and combat obesity. The students inculcated the need to promote yoga as a part of promotion of global health peace and harmony as –“Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim, the better your practice the brighter your flame.”
World Environment Day was celebrated on 18.06.2019. As a part of Assembly program, students of class IX gave a speech on importance of celebrating this day and our responsibilities in protecting our environment by conserving the forests.
World Mosquito Day was performed as an assembly program by grade 5 on 20.08.2019. Students were dressed up like mosquito and they spoke about the life cycle of Mosquito, hazards caused by the mosquitoes, suggested preventive measures like using mosquito bat, repellents etc.
On World Day against Child labour, 12th June, the students of class VII recited the poetry of William Blake & Wes Magee about ‘The Story of Chimney Sweeper’ which made the students understand the hardship and pain faced by the students during the Victorian era. They then had a detail discussion about the present scenario in India where they can still find some areas where the child labour is prevalent. The students were made aware about the fundamental right- Right to education (RTE). This activity was able to inculcate the value that every child has a right to get education and lead a happy life. The students then designed posters on ‘Say no to Child Labour’.
World Population Day was celebrated by students of grade VI on 11.07.2020 by making posters, pictures, speeches & power point presentation via online platform.
To celebrate the victory and to honour the Kargil Martyrs on its 18th Vijay Diwas; we celebrated Kargil Vijay Diwas on 26th July. The celebration took place at the school auditorium. Bramhachary Vignesh Chaithanyaji spoke to the students on this occasion. He, through his inspiring speech made the students understand why we celebrate this day; he lauded the gallantry of Indian military and praised the valiant soldiers of 1999 war. He also spoke about the great sacrifices that our armed forces make while steadfastly keeping us safe. One minute silence was maintained as a tribute to the martyrs. Apart from this students wrote letter to soldiers thanking them for their sacrifices and appreciating them for their contributions to keep our country safe.
School celebrated Guru Samadhi day on 3rd August in the campus under the guidance of Br. Vignesh Chaitanyaji. Swamiji spoke about gurudev, his vision and glories. Guru Paduka puja was offered by the Principal in the presence of teachers. The puja was followed by Chinmaya Arthi. Prasadam was distributed to all the attendees. This programme was also live telecasted on youtube channel, the link was forwarded to all the students by the respective class teachers. The students along with their parents attended this puja live. There were more than 1400 viewers.
The school celebrated Independence Day on 15th August 2020. Principal Smt. Radha Srikaanth hoisted the National Flag in the presence of teachers. The teachers spoke on this occasion about the importance of this day which was followed by National pledge and National Anthem. This was followed by a celebration with students in Zoom platform where Mr. Suresh (ex-Naval officer) joined the event as the chief Guest and school spiritual mentor Br. Vignesh Chaitanyaji as the guest of honour. The students of grade 11 and 12 organised this event. It started with prayer song, speeches, and patriotic songs. Mr. Suresh Kumar gave the students the idea about various career options in the defence, and how we can grab this opportunity to serve the nation. Br.Vignesh Chaitanyaji spoke about the need to inculcate patriotism in the students as they are the future generation. Principal spoke to the students on this occasion and asked them to stay safe and healthy in this pandemic Covid 19, at the same time made the students aware on the need to express gratitude to the social service volunteer who are out there in this situation to take care of us and keep us safe.
10th Annual Sports Meet was celebrated on 14th August 2019. A day filled with vim and vigour, full of zeal and zest. The day started off with the lovely rendition by the school choir to pay salutation to the lord almighty followed by the lightning of lamp by the chief guest. Ms. Shakkina, Physical Education teacher presented the school annual report where the achievements of the 2018-2019 was presented. This was followed by the Inter-House March Past, a procession of prefects and members of four houses. A highly competitive event where the four houses eyed for the first place. Each house came up with unique themes – Rig Veda marched with a slogan blood of Martyr, thereby exhibiting their respect for the soldiers. The Yajur veda house portrayed the placard of bright like sunshine to highlight that students are the future generation of the country. The sama Veda wore the batches of Navy -pointing out the need to serve the country. The fourth house Atharvana carried a balloon with seed which the dispersed as they marched, they wore a batch of peace and harmony as well as carried projected the need to keep our earth green. The Olympic torch was carried by the five students who brought fame, and name for the school and owes a remarkable place in sports field. The oath was sworn by Sports Secretary. The meet was declared open by the chief guest by releasing the balloons. The audience next witnessed various displays like hula hoops karate with the theme of women empowerment, silambam, Hoola Hoops Drill, coconut shell drill, yoga display etc all symbolizing the alternative source of energy . The displays made way for the highly awaited athletic events where competitiveness among the students soared through roof. Prize distribution was held were individual and group events prizes were given away by the chief guest. The March Past trophy was awarded to Sama house and overall trophy to Atharvana House, the zealous parents gathered in large numbers constantly applauded the participants and the winners. The students carried home a strong message that talents wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship. it’s not the team with the best players that win. It’s the players with the best team that win.
Literature day was celebrated on 08.09.2020 by students of class IV as a class activity. Students showcased their presentation like poem recitation, drawings of a great scholar/ writer and to talk about them, any character from a story which they can describe on them, etc. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and came to know about the different poets and writers of Indian and foreign origin and their work.
Mathru Pooja was celebrated in September. Br.Vignesh Chaitanyaji conducted the Pooja. All the mother’s and Father’s attended the Pooja and were immensely happy and thanked for giving such an opportunity for them to participate in this pooja.
Project Day was celebrated for all the students on 19th October 2019 based on the theme "Yatra- The Journey". Our Project Day was inaugurated by the Chinmaya Vidyalaya RS Puram Principal-Smt.R.Jayalakshmi, some of the other dignitaries present were Smt. Radha Srikaanth the school Principal and Br. VIgnesh Chaitanyaji, the school spiritual mentor. The students from grade 6 to grade 12 participated in the project day with their projects. The students inter related the topic with their respective subjects allotted and displayed projects related to it. The projects comprised of working and static models, charts, PPT, role-play, mime, skits etc. The road of success is always through constructions. This year’s topic, ’Yatra- the Journey’ opened up exciting possibilities for investigation and research in all subjects. Parents were spell bound seeing the displays and explanations put forward by the students. Teachers and students from other schools who visited the school on Project Day appreciated the projects displayed, they also praised how innovatively the topics were related and confidently presented and explained by the students. The day turned out to be a great success as it was an outcome of teamwork, dedication, hard work and commitment of the student’s teachers and the management.
Teacher’s day was celebrated on 5th September 2020 to mark the birthday of the country’s former President, scholar, philosopher and Bharat Ratna Awardee, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The students celebrated this day by honouring their teachers, appreciating their contribution to the society and also expressing gratitude to the teachers for working in this pandemic Covid crisis. The teachers in return were overwhelmed and content by love to see the love and gratitude from students. It was also a motivation for the teachers to contribute the best they can in future.
To celebrate the poetic prowess of an inspirational writer, one has ever seen in Tamil Literature the Tamil students celebrated the Bharathiyaar day on September 11th 2020. The students recited the poems, proverbs written by Bharathiyaar, prepared posters, made masks, decorated his quotes and did role plays. The day made the students not only understand the contribution of the great legend Bharathiyaar in Tamil literature but also the depth and richness of the Tamil literature.
Hindi day was celebrated on 14.09.2020. Students explained about the importance of Hindi and significance of celebrating Hindi day. Children gave short speech about Hindi Day and narrated about the Great Writer Munshi PremChand ji and his creations. Students came up with Hindi quotes & sang Hindi songs, drew paintings etc.
World Ozone Day was celebrated on 16th September 2020 by the students of grade 10 by presenting a PPT and poster about the depleting Ozone layer. They spoke about the need to protect this umbrella of earth by conserving it. The students also highlighted various measures to protect this and how as a responsible future citizen it’s their duty to conserve the same.
Gandhi Jayanti is an event celebrated in India to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. It is celebrated annually on 2ND October. The UN General Assembly announced on 15th June 2007 that it adopted a resolution which declared that 2nd October will be celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. Our students on this occasion spoke about the ‘Father of Nation’, his contribution to our country’s freedom and how we as a true citizen should take inspiration from him. Students presented posters and drew sketches.
On the occasion of Animal Welfare Day on 4th October 2020, Ms.Heena, head of Animal Welfare Society conducted a workshop for the students, where she gave a new view about how we can save the animals from the danger they face and how we can give care and love to the animals. The students came to know the values of lives of the animals which we see on the roadside.
On event of Indian Air Force Day celebration, the student’s activity has been conducted on 8th October 2020 to bring out their soft skills and to show their patriotism they have. The students presented the speech and slogans which they offer to our Nation’s Air Force civilians on account of Air Force Day celebration.
The National Postal Day was celebrated on 10th October as an extension of World Postal Day. The day was aimed to commemorate the role played by Indian Postal Department for the past 150 years which was founded in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie. The students prepared models of Post box, collected stamps, spoke about postal services and wrote articles on the same.
World Ocean Day was celebrated on 21st October with the theme “Innovation for a sustainable Ocean”. The students celebrated the day highlighting the role of the oceans in our everyday life and inspiring action to protect the ocean and sustainably use marine resources. They made posters, slogans and skit to spread the awareness.
UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. The UN Charter is the founding document of this great non-partisan institution that has been working towards global peace and equality. Children prepared chart on organs, functions and role of UN on 24th October 2020. They also prepared a puppet show on why and how UN was formed. Videos elaborating various highlighting speeches given by leaders in UN general assembly.
Vigilance Awareness Week was observed in the school from 27th October to 2nd November with the theme ‘Vigilant India, Prosperous India’. The interact club took initiative to celebrate this function with the cooperation of language department. Students of grade 9 took part in this. The students were asked to prepare poster on the topic, write-ups and speak their views on the same. The week gave an insight to the students about their responsibilities and duties towards the society.
Children’s Day was celebrated on 14.11.2017. There were Inter-House Basketball & Throw ball matches conducted for Boys & Girls respectively. Then afternoon session the students gathered at the school auditorium where the teachers presented a Cultural Programme to entertain the kids. The Principal, Smt.Radha Srikaanth initiated the programme by singing a Bharathiyar song, followed by the teachers presented a Group song and a group dance. The students enjoyed each and every moment of the programme as they were thrilled and excited to see their teacher’s performance. Overall the day turned out to be a refreshing moment for the students as they enjoyed and for teachers for living their childhood again for few moments.
National Education Day was celebrated on 11/11/2020 under the guidance of English Department. This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of independent India’s first Educational Minister Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. On this day, students were given option to do poster making or drawing on the theme "Education”, writing quotes, their own slogans on education, collage representing Gurukul system of education and Modern education. By celebrating National Education Day, children came to understand the world issues like illiteracy, the need for all the citizens of the world to be educated etc. and the impact of illiteracy in the world.
Communal Harmony Week was celebrated from 21.11.2020 to 23.11.2020 The teacher discussed various aspects that affect the communal harmony of our country and how we can handle this through unity and equality. The students were given opportunity to express their views in the form of song, poster, speeches and articles. Students understood that “Unity builds a strong Nation”. They learnt that communal harmony provides opportunity to respect and to know values of every woman in the world. Students were able to know to respect different culture, language and tradition.
To celebrate the Jayanthi of revered Swami Tapovan Maharaj and of the day the Bhagavad Gita was taught by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjuna - Tapovan Geeta Jayanthi Fest - 2020 was held on 25th December 2020. On account of this celebration our school was blessed as it got an opportunity to Chant chapter -14 (27-slokas) of Bhagavad Gita. Fifteen students from our school participated to chant Bhagavad Gita slokas. The chanting was telecasted on Chinmaya You Tube Channel on 19th December 2020.