School celebrated Sri Krishna Jayanthi on 11th August 2020 as a class activity for all the grades. The class teacher along with the class students planned the activity for their respective classes. The activities included stories of Lord Krishna, speeches on the importance of this day, role plays where students dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha, dances, Bhajans, art and songs in praise of Lord. The virtual celebrations were vibrant and full of joy.
Hindi Department celebrated Ganesh Chathurthi on 22nd Augusut 2020 with all the grades. Each grade was allotted an activity and together a show was presented. The teachers along with students were part of this show which highlighted the importance of this festival. The celebration included dance, bhajan, speech, skit, storytelling, art and role play. The Hindi Department teachers spoke about the need to celebrate the festival, its relevance, various customs and tradition related to day. Students enjoyed the day to the full brim.
Rig Veda House celebrated Onam during September. Students performed a dance drama depicting the reason for celebrating Onam festival and enacted the story of Mahabali. It was indeed a wonderful performance to witness.
As part of Navarathri celebration, Golu was kept in the school Gnana Vinayagar temple and daily puja was offered. Saraswathi Pooja & Ayudha Pooja was celebrated on 23rd October 2020 at school. On this day special puja for goddess was done and this was followed by puja for Vehicles, office books and important documents etc., were performed and prasadam distributed.