Dear Students,
We all have our own way of seeing the world. An ordinary person blames his environment or those around him for his problems and frustrations. But a winner uses his negative or criticism to become a better person. He uses his positives to the best of his abilities.

This attitude is very important for all students. For a student, education is not just completion of routine learning of lessons with decent marks, it is much more than that and should manifest  and mould into the student  a personality with high sense of VALUES and NATIONAL PRIDE. Students should realize that they are living in a testing  age,where protective walls of family values are not strong enough to withstand the pressure of peers and media,which often influences their decisions and life styles. Our success or failure is in our hands.

Remember, this is the right age to follow your ambition and your passion. Your ambition should have passion and your passion should have ambition, Cultivate the habit of reading books which has a long track record of success in imparting knowledge and wisdom. You should realize the importance of time, and manage it wisely to succeed in this ever competitive world.

Best Wishes.